Annealing has been deemed the process of heating metal to specific temperature and cooling it slowly. It would be done to change the internal properties of steel. Based on the kind of metal, the achieved temperature and cooling rate, the procedure could change the microstructure of metal in a number of ways. It would be pertinent to mention here that annealing has been commonly performed for supplying a piece of metal with one or more of the below mentioned qualities.

  1. Increases ductility

High ductility of the metal would demonstrate more resilient character under pressure. The interior stresses would prevent the metal from being ductile.

  1. Increases softness

Several metals would be required to be softened before the machining procedure. It would be pertinent to mention here that softness of the metal would make it easier to cut and form.

  1. Homogenizing the microstructure

It would make sure that all areas of the specific metal would demonstrate similar level of hardness, ductility and softness.

It would be pertinent to mention here that different annealing procedures would create different effects. Therefore, the stainless steel anneal would be performed for inducing one or more of aforementioned properties. During the process, it would help you preserve the lustrous appearance of the metal.

Choosing the correct annealing process

The annealing process required by the metal would be based on several aspects. It would specifically be based on the following:

  • Composition of the metal being ferrous or non-ferrous
  • The intended use of the metal
  • The type of change of metal

You may come across several kinds of commonly used annealing processes. However, you would be required to be prudent before placing an order with the metal treatment company. It would be pertinent for the company to explain the kind of process they would be performing. They should also apprise you with the affects it would have on the performance of the metal.

Outsourcing the annealing process

Stainless steel has been a major component in commercial, industrial and consumer products. It has become popular with different kinds of industries more than ever. You cannot escape the fact that usefulness of steel has been determined by the different kinds of annealing methods along with various heat treatments preparing the steel for specific service conditions. Due to exactness of the different processes, several manufacturers using stainless steel components would look forward to outsource the annealing process to professional annealing service using the best in business annealing machine.