Every single business in the world needs to advertise and there are, of course, many ways to do just that. Yet of all the many advertising methods, none have quite the same effect as video, which utilises sound and picture to excite and engage the viewer and with the right concept and a good video production team, great things can be achieved. Knowing your market is critical, as without this in-depth knowledge, you cannot create something that is directly targeting your intended audience.

Define your Target Groups

Your products or services will appeal to certain people and the trick is to define those groups. Find out what excites them and base your concept on their needs and desires, which is something the video production company can assist with. If, for example, your product line is sportswear, then your promotional video should involve people playing (and winning) while sporting your apparel, after all, everyone wants to be a winner.

Video Production Companies

If you are looking for film production in Dubai, sourcing a reputable provider is essential. They have the expertise and experience to help their client find the perfect concept and not only that, they can professionally shoot the film and carry out the video editing. Most production houses offer a comprehensive service that includes sourcing location, casting and providing all the props and extras needed.

The Storyboard

Whatever the length of a film, it must have a concept. Basically, even a short commercial must have a story line, which is the foundation of the entire project and each section or scene would be sketched on a board to provide a sequence. This is what the director will use as a guide and it isn’t unusual for there to be many slight changes along the way, as the creative team see ways of improving on the original concept, albeit slightly. Once the client and the director are happy with the storyboard, the preparations can begin and the production company would source everything they need to make the film.

Shooting the Raw Footage

Whether the film is being shot on location or in a studio, the production crew would work their magic and slowly but surely, the film would begin to take shape. Even a thirty second commercial requires a lot of footage and with several cameras at varying positions, the story would be shot scene by scene and this is where the director really shows his or her talent.

The Finished Product

Once the raw footage is safely recorded, the video editing team can work their magic and with many takes and shots from different angles, the director has the scope to experiment with various clips. Additional tracks would be added at this stage, which might include voiceovers, background music and lighting effects.

The finished film can be used in many formats and could be posted on the company website or advertised on a TV station, which is where the big viewing figures can be found, and with the right marketing your promotional video has the power to launch your products in the most effective way and reach your target group.