You know boxes; you have seen and used one. At a young age, your first encounter with it might be using it in one of your games. Basically, your knowledge about it is that it’s the same thing that comes in different shapes and sizes. That is true. But now, you have to know more about cardboard boxes. Users and entrepreneurs should specifically know more corrugated cardboard box, to pick the best option for your need.

Are there different kinds of cardboard boxes?

The answer is yes. Cardboard boxes can either be a plain paperboard or corrugated board from the fiber. They may even come as the usual foldable boxes or the set-up one. Both come in various sizes and shapes to choose from.

Foldable boxes are the most common in industry use. It is used to contain products for storage or shipping.

Set-up boxes are specialty boxes that are used as boxes for valuable products such as jewelry. They are also popular as present boxes.

The simplicity in the construction of the foldable boxes accounts for its lower price as compared to the set-up boxes.

Is there a difference in performance between the two kinds?

The answer is still yes.


Plain paperboard boxes have the lowest price in the line of cardboard boxes.


Corrugated cardboard boxes are stronger as they are thicker. Their corrugated sheet and liner components also add to their strength. It has higher resistance to compression and puncture.

Plain paperboard boxes are thinner but it may be made from multi-layer sheets.


Corrugated cardboard boxes were the first on the market. They were used to contain fragile products made from glass or ceramics. Today, it is used also to contain dangerous or sharp materials for storage and shipping.

Plain paperboard boxes are popular among most packaging companies. These are best in packaging goods.

Why is this best option?

Your most important consideration is your product. This saves you cost on the packaging of the products. This should be sufficient to keep your product in its best condition in handling and shipping. The safety of the people facilitating the transfers of the product from point A to point B is another.

If this is not enough, consider your environment. The materials used in this product are recyclable. You wouldn’t want to volunteer yourself on becoming an agent in adding your waste materials to the pile of garbage on Earth.