Have you ever attempted using social networking for the business and located it just is not working? A lackluster Facebook page or twitter account really does not provide much value for that traditional physical small companies nowadays.

The issue using these social platforms is they don’t provide customers an immediate incentive just to walk in to the store making a purchase. If somebody logs onto Facebook, the final factor they would like to cope with is really a local restaurant spamming their news feed with deals or promotions. People visit Facebook to determine updates using their buddies.

How can you overcome this barrier? Use social networking to promote to those who are ALREADY inside your store. You heard right. It may sound a bit absurd, however with location based marketing, its a real possibility.

Although you sell to individuals are physically present at the store, but you may also sell to prospective customers and provide them incentives to prevent by.

You may also craft deals and specials that lure individuals to return more often and also to bring buddies, leveraging social networking to improve your subscriber base even more.

Before I recieve too in front of myself, allow me to explain a bit about location based marketing. I’m a restaurateur and also have used location based marketing effectively within my own companies.

Location based marketing may be the hottest new trend in internet marketing and social internet marketing. Location based marketing uses Gps navigation enabled “location based services” or LBS for example Foursquare, Gowalla, Facebook Deals, and SCVNGR to be able to allow people to access coupons, deals, and specials instantly on their own cellular devices.

Location based marketing is altering the way in which companies both large and small are engaging their subscriber base. Also referred to as geomarketing or closeness marketing – location marketing let us small companies achieve their clients instantly using mobile technology.

Small companies have frequently wondered – so how exactly does social networking help much my company? It’s very hard to evaluate precisely what benefit social internet marketing is wearing your main point here. It is good to possess twitter supporters or fans on Facebook, but before you can monetize that revenue stream – there’s no tangible impact.

Location based marketing turns these soft social networking platforms into concrete social distribution platforms you can use to directly improve your sales. The good thing is the fact that these service can be used as free, much like other kinds of social networking, drastically growing your marketing Return on investment and also the return in your marketing dollars.

Singtel media can use the information and resources it has collected over the years to the aid of its clientele. Location based marketing can be a trump card for this agency because it has huge amount of demographic data stored in its servers.