When it comes to missed calls in a medical facility, it means a pretty big deal as it involves the lifetime of a new patient. This is the very reason why so many clinics have installed a virtual receptionist to guarantee that all calls are being attended by a live person to talk to. This article focuses on the importance of virtual reception services in medical facilities.

  1. A busy clinic

Everybody is aware of what a busy day in a clinic looks like. A patient arrives in the office, checks himself at the front desk and waits to be attended. After the appointment, they pay for the services at the front desk and book the next appointment. Every patient waits for about 8 to 12 minutes at the front desk, which is tantamount to 8 to 12 minutes that your staff wouldn’t be able to attend the call at the front desk. This issue is faced by every medical facility and to eradicate this problem, they hire a virtual reception service like www.receptionhq.com. In many cases, the clinics have installed these services for call overflow purposes only. In other words, if the calls are not been attended to, it transfers itself to your virtual reception service to make sure that the call is attended. This is a cost-effective way to make sure the callers get a live person to talk to.

  1. To book appointments

Most of the calls every medical service or a clinic receives are related to booking an appointment only. In a few cases, callers only call up to ask a lot of questions. In other words, if your clinic is utilizing the best of a web calendar that you can easily let someone off-line, like a virtual receptionist for clinics to book appointments on the clinic’s behalf. Missed calls are tantamount to missed revenue.

  1. To keep up with the competition

0Every industry including the medical clinic is engulfed by the competition. Because of the competition, you tend to be busy in focusing on other aspects of your clinic, so it becomes impossible to answer every call to book an appointment when a plethora of call answering services are waiting to serve you in the best way possible. They are just a Google search away. Guaranteeing that each caller is attended, even if your real life reception desk is busy with a patient in the clinic, is an important factor to consider. Virtual reception service makes sure that all callers are attended and can synchronize with your online booking software when it comes to scheduling appointments of your patients. It is an endless procedure that aims for the growth of your clinic.