To err is human. But ignorance is not bliss every time. While being a part of the dynamic market, not being in pace with its advancements leads to a great wastage of resources. Similarly, in the world of direct marketing, the prophecy holds the same.

Here are 6 blunders you can avoid to save a lot of money.

  • Mailing too far from your location – Here is the trick of the trade. A wise marketer always advertises to the addresses that are within a reasonable distance from his distance. When the target is far from his reach, it lowers the response rates and loses a lot of money. Better safe than sorry.
  • Forgetting a call to action – You can boast all the good things about your company has to offer, bestow them with free downloads, free samples and what not. But what some marketers forget to do, the simplest yet the most important thing to embed: a clear call to action (CTA). Also, along with the CTA, provide them an enticing offer to make the prospect feel special and eager to respond.
  • Offering lame discounts – In order to dig gold, you must be willing to get your hands dirty. A marketer cannot aim for higher response rates by giving the prospects lame offers. Here are the following alternatives that can be preferred:
  • Bonus gifts
  • Free consultation
  • A two-for-one deal
  • A generous discount

  • Not finding a target audience – While your marketer may believe that not implementing targeted marketing might help to cut the costs, but here’s why you have not been able to generate much of a response. While your message has been dispatched haphazardly, most of them would not need your services, which leads to wastage of resources. So, instead of trial and run, try researching your market, analyze your target audience, and take action accordingly.
  • Sending mail to the wrong addresses – While as obvious it may seem, when you send a mail to a wrong address, not only it wastes your resources, but it also creates a bad impact on the company’s reputation. Make sure your database is updated. Eliminate the duplicate entries and keep the details as up-to-date as possible. Try reaching out to us on com, not only we are not just a direct marketing services firm, but we believe in presenting you the best direct marketing campaign for your company.

  • Attempting to sell with postcards – Some marketers make a blunder by making a pitch by mailing postcards. While it’s great mailing postcards for prospecting, but for a sales pitch, it’s a big no-no.