In this article, we’ll introduce 10 things you might need to know about plant hire, whether it’s your first time contacting a plant hire company, or even if you’ve hired machinery from the plant hire industry before.

1. Understand what plant hire is

Plant hire companies offer various construction machines for hire. The plant hire industry in the UK is rather extensive and there are many different plant hire companies to choose from when you need any construction machine; such as a digger, roller, or excavator.

2. Research

Whatever plant hire machinery you need for a job, you should research into a few different companies. Some companies offer more variation for plant hire equipment than others, and it will be easier for your project if you can get them all from the same place.

3. Check reviews

When you’re looking into various companies, it’s always best to check customer testimonies and reviews; this will give you an idea of the kind of service to expect from each company.

4. Find the machines that you need

As mentioned above, you might need different machines for a large construction job. You’ll want a plant hire company that can supply all of these machines for you, so you don’t need to have multiple hiring contracts on the go.

5. Enquire before you hire

Before you hire any machinery, give the plant hire company a call and see what they can offer you. You’ll want to check things like machine and equipment availability, delivery times, and how long you can keep the machines for.

6. Check hiring policies

Some companies have different policies to others, so you should ensure that when you’re hiring with a plant hire company you’re getting everything you need to efficiently use the machines that you’re hiring. Everything from delivery to on-site machine familiarisation.

7. Make sure you know what equipment you need

You may not have a list of equipment that will help with a job. An experienced plant hire company will be able to point you towards machinery that will help you properly complete a job if you don’t feel like you have enough knowledge of plant hire machines, or you aren’t familiar with the ones the plant hire company has in their fleet.

8. Consider hiring multiple pieces of equipment

You might only think you need one particular machine for your job, however be sure to speak to your plant hire company, they will be able to advise if there are other pieces of equipment to help with your job, for example excavator attachments.

9. Check support service

Professional and experienced plant hire companies should always offer amazing customer support whenever you hire out their equipment. You should be able to easily contact the company when you need them and even have a single-point-of-contact account manager.

10.  Ensure that you have a way to return the machines

It would be more effective if you could find a plant hire company that will pick up the machines from any given location to make your workload easier. Most plant hire companies do offer this, but it’s still worth checking before you hire a machine.